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Guidance-Driven Investing

Ultimately, money is a resource to help you live your best possible life. Because your goals are unique, we believe your investment portfolio should be, too. Your advisor will engage in a collaborative process that takes the guesswork out of investing.

  • We take time to learn your goals and priorities.
  • You can make clear, informed decisions.
  • We build a financial plan, so that your investments can help you lead the life you want to live. 

How do we build a portfolio?

We build a customized, personalized portfolio tailored to your preferences using our investment tools.

Here’s how:


Learn how your personal investing preferences may have a big impact on your investment portfolio.


Compare your preferences against your current portfolio and align them to your target risk profile.


Our advisors will build portfolios customized to your priorities and goals, using strategies managed by experienced, professional portfolio managers.


Monitor and adjust your investments as your life and priorities change.

Understand Your Investment Preferences

The InvestmentViewfinderâ„  provides simple questions that show you how your investment preferences can have a great impact on your portfolio.

  • Participate in an open dialogue about investments with your advisor.
  • Understand the benefits and trade-offs to your investment decisions.
  • Prioritize investment attributes to help your advisor create your customized portfolio.

Evaluate: Compare Your Preferences to Your Portfolio

We believe there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all portfolio. The financial plan you build with your advisor, and your output from the InvestmentViewfinder exercise, helps to determine the investment attributes most important to you and the benefits and considerations to each.


Seeks higher relative returns in the long run (a full market cycle).

Low-Cost Tracking

Seeks to closely and predictably match its benchmark at a low cost.


Seeks to mitigate against severe bear market declines.

Tax Advantaged

Seeks to lower taxes in the long run (a full market cycle)

Build: Create Your Customized Portfolio

Your advisor will build your customized portfolio with a core strategy and specialized solutions, based on your goals and your suitability for certain investments. The core strategy provides exposure to stocks and bonds, while specialized investments will complement your portfolio with active equity strategies, personalized tax-managed strategies, or values-based strategies.

Start With Your Customized Core

Leverage InvestmentViewfinder Results

Build Your Personalized Portfolio

Monitor: GuideCenter Keeps You Up to Date

Monitor: GuideCenter Keeps You Up to Date

Keep tabs on your investments with GuideCenter®, a dynamic, easy-to-use online financial life management portal that helps you engage with your advisor to oversee your finances anywhere, anytime. It allows you to take on life’s changes with clarity and control—no matter how complex life can become.

  • Access, store, and share all of your financial information in one place including accounts, portfolios, and goals.
  • View your financial life in real time from a phone, computer, or tablet.
  • Communicate with your advisor through email and VideoMessenger.

An Investment Proposal that Empowers You

An Investment Proposal that Empowers You

Our unique investment proposals create a custom profile built just for you—evaluating taxes, performance, cost, and protection. Each proposal is designed especially to help you.

Browse a Proposal

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