Optimize Your 401k

The Problem:

  • 401ks are a DIY responsibility for a group of workers that never-wanted-to-be and never-will-be DIY investors
  • Current attempts to "help" 401k participants are a cobbled together approach of indecipherable pie charts, self-diagnostic tools and other half measures.
  • Participants feel intimidated, confused and overwhelmed which leads to ignoring it or blind guessing.


After a 40 year head start, traditional financial services aren't speaking a language that the average worker understands or cares to understand. Without help, millions of people will approach retirement with NO pension, questionable Social Security benefits, and a pathetically small 401k balance.

The Solution:

Blooom solves this problem with a simple, intuitive, and non-intimidating UI.

  • We Analyze any 401k regardless of employer, 401k provider or account size.
  • We provide a recommended asset allocation without using complicated chart with a gazillion colors.
  • We place the trades for the client and provide on-going portfolio rebalancing and monitoring.
  • We've taken 401ks from DIY to DIFY (Do-It-ForYou)!

The entire wealth management industry is in the very early stages of massive disruptions. Through the use of technology, it is now possible to scale portfolio management for accounts of all sizes. Blooom just happens to believe the biggest opportunity and biggest problem lies specifically within the mess that we call 401k accounts.

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