Ricky Biel CRPC ®

Ricky Biel CRPC ®

Financial Advisor & Partner

A 20-year veteran of the financial services industry, Ricky is responsible for directing the growth, vision, strategy and alternative investment offering for HBA Wealth.

While it was a Christmas without presents as a 12-year old that first attracted Ricky to the idea of being firmly in control of his financial life, a passion to bring new financial technologies to clients keeps him engaged in the Firm’s evolution. He relishes the opportunity to help clients understand and feel good about their financial futures.

After an initial stint as an assistant branch manager with Wells Fargo, Ricky gained his CRPC (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) designation and considerable experience working with accredited investors and alternative investments including hedge funds, commercial real estate, private equity and energy-related investments as an advisor with American Express Financial Advisors (now called Ameriprise). In 2004, he and business partner Chris Haydel left Ameriprise to found HBA Wealth.

Ricky is active in the Pasadena community, arranging opportunities for HBA Wealth to support the efforts of charities such as the YWCA of Pasadena, Day One, UNCF (United Negro College Fund), Academy of Special Dreams, Union Station Homeless Services, Ronald McDonald House, Friends in Deed and Children of the Night. When he’s not working or volunteering, you can usually find Ricky doing something active. He enjoys traveling, kickboxing, swimming, riding his bike, hiking, flying, and dancing with friends and family as well as the occasional relaxing evening at home with his family.


Favorite food: Crunchy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; Chocolate milk; Mexican food, especially Mexican sweet bread.

Best financial advice: Save money and it will save you. 

Favorite quote: “Every man dies, but not every man truly lives.” – William Wallace in Braveheart

Favorite movie: Braveheart

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Something on Ricky’s bucket list: Travel to see the Egyptian pyramids, the Great Wall of China, and Machu Pichu

Biggest accomplishment: Owning his own investment firm and being successfully self employed for the past 20 years.